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  • The wedding day is a sequence of magical moments, destined to stay in your memory and in the memory of your dear ones forever. And, after some time, it will be such an emotion to go through those moments with pictures, shooting and recollections... The choice of the right location therefore plays a key role to give to this important day the right emotional touch.
    Our consolidated experience as wedding planners through the years led us to selecting the most exclusive and luxury locations in the most spectacular places of Italy, with their inimitable sceneries. As professionals we know how to guide you to the choice of the ideal place according to the number of guests, the type of event and the atmosphere you want to create, to guarantee a top service.
    For the memories of that special day to stay with you, as attractive as they can be, throughout your lifetime

Taormina, a framework of art and nature

Guy de Maupassant in 1885 used to write: "Should anybody spend just one day in Sicily and ask what to see I'd say for sure: Taormina". The tourism vocation of the town dates back to ancient times, since Sicilians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Saracens choose it to stay there for amusement reasons. Today its landscape is a succession of art, historical findings and natural beauties.

Situated high above gentle slopes between the mountains and the sea, Taormina is an extemely popular destination the whole year round. Whatever season you choose to have your wedding in, Taormina will welcome you with its pleasingly mild climate and its unique natural and varied scenery of truly spectacular beauty. Go for a swim in the sea to discover the exquiste charms which have contributed to making this one of Sicily's most famous and favourite locations.


Your wedding photographs will be like classic postcards if they have Mount Etna, the spectacular and symbolic Sicilian volcano, as their background. Its slopes, modified over the centuries by eruptions, have created a unique lunarscape of lava. The bridal couple, and more adventurous guests, can take a guided tour in jeeps through citrus groves, fertile land and thick woods right up to the volcano's summit and discover an amazing lunar landscape close to the crater.