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  • The wedding day is a sequence of magical moments, destined to stay in your memory and in the memory of your dear ones forever. And, after some time, it will be such an emotion to go through those moments with pictures, shooting and recollections... The choice of the right location therefore plays a key role to give to this important day the right emotional touch.
    Our consolidated experience as wedding planners through the years led us to selecting the most exclusive and luxury locations in the most spectacular places of Italy, with their inimitable sceneries. As professionals we know how to guide you to the choice of the ideal place according to the number of guests, the type of event and the atmosphere you want to create, to guarantee a top service.
    For the memories of that special day to stay with you, as attractive as they can be, throughout your lifetime

Amalfi, pearl of extraordinary beauty

Amalfi, a town of legendary birth, is famous thanks to the invaluable natural and artistic beauties and the mild climate. To know it in depth in its essence it should be experienced through its ravines, along the lanes and the stairs... but mainly it should be discovered, since it has always something to disclose.

Within the setting of a natural and uncontaminated paradise, protected by UNESCO, the breathtaking scenery of Amalfi awaits the happy couple. A succession of wide valleys and promontories overlooking the cobalt blue sea, a series of delightful little bays, sunkissed beaches and terraces of citrus fruits, grapes and olives all make the most perfect and unforgettablly photographic setting at Amalfi for that most special day in your life.

matrimonio sulla costiera amalfitana

It is said that Poseidon, God of the Sea, "modelled" Positano for love of the alluring Pasiphae. Born out of legendary passion, Positano is today the most famous and coveted destination on the Amalfi coast for an impressive and fashionable wedding. There are numerous five star hotels which have welcomed many celebrities such as Dustin Hoffman, Tina Turner, Gregory Peck and Franco Zeffirelli as well as many other famous international stars.

matrimonio a positano

Studded with spectacular historical villas, Ravello offers the bridal couple a setting of incomparable scenery for their wedding. Known as the "City of Music", Ravello has bewitched the greatest writers, poets and artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries amongst whom the composer Richard Wagner. The famous Dutch engraver, Maurits Cornelis Escher, met his future wife here.

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