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  • The wedding day is a sequence of magical moments, destined to stay in your memory and in the memory of your dear ones forever. And, after some time, it will be such an emotion to go through those moments with pictures, shooting and recollections... The choice of the right location therefore plays a key role to give to this important day the right emotional touch.
    Our consolidated experience as wedding planners through the years led us to selecting the most exclusive and luxury locations in the most spectacular places of Italy, with their inimitable sceneries. As professionals we know how to guide you to the choice of the ideal place according to the number of guests, the type of event and the atmosphere you want to create, to guarantee a top service.
    For the memories of that special day to stay with you, as attractive as they can be, throughout your lifetime

Tuscany, endless sweetness

If you look for your wedding for a natural sweet and relaxing scenario, Tuscany is the ideal solution. It will astonish you at any time of the year with its hills and infinite stretches of cultivated lands, with ancient olive trees shaped through the centuries and the noble cypresses.

A wedding in Florence will lead to the discovery of an artistic heritage of inestimable importance. Throughout its glorious history, Florence has been at the centre of profound changes, both literary and artistic, and is adorned with masterpieces by Cimabue and Giotto, pioneers of Italian painting, works by Brunelleschi, Donatello and Masaccio, forefathers of the Renaissance, as well as works by Botticelli, Leonardo and Michelangelo who enriched Florence with their creative genius.

matrimonio a Firenze

A photograph of the bridal couple and in the background....the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa! Pisa, however, can offer more than just this extraordinary monument. Its thousand year old history saw its greatest prosperity flourishing at the time of the Maritime Republics. Over the centuries its artistic heritage has been enriched with other invaluable works of art which seem to have been created specifically to immortalise your most important day in an album to last a lifetime.

sposi a pisa

From whatever direction you arrive to celebrate your wedding, you will be captivated by the theatrical setting which makes San Gimignano so unique. A small but great masterpiece of Tuscan authenticity, San Gimignano stands on a 334m high hill studded with its thirteen towers. It is said that in the fourteenth century there were 62 towers, one for each of its wealthy families, thus demonstrating both their economic and social status with these structures.

sposi in toscana


Throughout the centuries no other Italian city has passed on its mediaeval cultural heritage as has Siena. A wedding here also offers participation in the famous Palio horse race, the thrilling contest between the 17 contrade which still separate the historic city centre into quarters. It is a lively multicultural city which every year organises hundreds of exciting events tempting visitors with its many traditional and authentic gastronomic dishes.

sposarsi a Siena