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  • The wedding day is a sequence of magical moments, destined to stay in your memory and in the memory of your dear ones forever. And, after some time, it will be such an emotion to go through those moments with pictures, shooting and recollections... The choice of the right location therefore plays a key role to give to this important day the right emotional touch.
    Our consolidated experience as wedding planners through the years led us to selecting the most exclusive and luxury locations in the most spectacular places of Italy, with their inimitable sceneries. As professionals we know how to guide you to the choice of the ideal place according to the number of guests, the type of event and the atmosphere you want to create, to guarantee a top service.
    For the memories of that special day to stay with you, as attractive as they can be, throughout your lifetime

Venice, the most romantic town in the world

Venice knows how to embrace each wedding with its romantic appeal. After the "yes" moment, let yourself be strolled along the Grand Canal on a gondola to enjoy a unique setting, or take a walk with your guests in the maze of "calli" and bridges, a suggestive setting to immortalize the most significant moments of your wedding.

Venice is universally acknowledged as the city of romance. To promise eternal love within this most beautiful of cities is an experience which will remain forever engraved on your hearts. Venice offers couples a wealth of historical and artistic backgrounds which will turn your wedding album into a true work of art: step by step explore the myriads of little calli (alleyways) and bridges or rock yourselves in a romantic gondola. A wedding in Venice is the most perfectly sublime setting to fulfill your love story.

sposarsi a venezia

"Oh Romeo, Romeo..." whispered Juliet to her sweetheart, leaning over the famous balcony of her home in Vernona. You too can recreate the most celebrated love story in the world enriching your wedding in Verona with profoundly significant emotion. A visit to Julietta's house is also an opportunity to discover corners of the city interwoven with history, art and great gastronomic traditions.

matrimonio a verona

The city of Padua and its surroundings will forever be linked to the genius of Giotto and Palladio. The Scrovegni Chapel is an unmissable historical sight to visit for whoever chooses Padua as their wedding destination. Take a dreamy and romantic boat-ride along the river Brenta and feast your eyes on one after another of the sumptuous sixteenth century villas designed by Antonio Palladio for the Venetian nobles.